A weapon to surpass Metal Gear…

If you appreciate the title and It’s relevance to this post then you may enjoy a very long series that I’m working on. Consider this a sequel to Why I Write.

Language is the most useful and effective tool ever conceived. Its evolution is beyond the comprehension of Darwin and its potential is limitless. I’m living in an age unlike any other. I’m witnessing the language I hold so dear to my heart rapidly changing and not for the better but possibly for good. That language is my mother tounge; English. I’ve read and heard some of the most awe-inspiring ideas ever gifted to man through this sacred vessel. However, I’m now afraid its devolution is too unruly to ever stop. It has been weaponized with the tact of a malicious 3rd grader using only 120 characters per thought. This must stop before thought becomes impossible. The former glory that it once had is now a bastard child of cowardice, complacency, and convenience.

I weep knowing that this simple idea will be ignored simply because it’s slighty too much for today’s Last Man to digest and not due to its alarming truth but rather its length. Perhaps I should accompy it with a picture of a cat but that would soil one of the final examples of such a precious commodity.
We are hollow. We ignore the void by filling it with an excess of lusts and comfort. “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.” (Elliot)
To end with an example, read this cliché, “with great power comes great responsibility.” For soon, we will not even be able to appreciate mediocre platitudes or the irony that I said it with. Context is dead. Content is worthless. Consumption is impending.

Language can be weaponized with its own cunning deft that it can cause genocide, fulfill Biblical Armageddon that not even God himself could begin nor prevent with exponentially more suffering than the most malicious God could stomach.

When Oppenheimer repeated, “I am become Death- destroyer of worlds.” He was unaware that a mind capable of creating such a weapon of mass destruction could have felt more regret had he used the End to end all beginnings and rather would have said, “I am become Oblivion- destroyer of Alpha and Omega.” The end is nigh. You cannot continue.

– Stephen J Dawson Jr.


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  1. Interesting thoughts here, also liked your earlier post – why I write. You seem to be a good writer as you claimed you are.. following your blog for more 👍

    1. Thank you! I’ve been writing for a very long time, my friend. After a while, it just comes easily but I’m not immune to error. I still need to proofread my work and think things through first.

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