Et tu, Brute? -1

A technique to help in an argument written in a certain cipher. The clues to crack it are already in front of you. If you get it, let me know. I’ll post the decrypted text after some time. I don’t doubt that any of my readers are clever enough to solve it presently.

Xifo bshvjoh bhbjotu jokvtujdf, cfhjo cz vtjoh npsf npeftu xpset up eftdsjcf ju boe mfu zpvs bvejfodf hsbevbmmz cfhjo up bhsff. Xijmf bqqspbdijoh zpvs qbttjpobuf foe qpjou vtf zpvs npsf qpxfsgvm xpset up esjwf zpvs bshvnfou joup uifn npsf fggfdujwfmz. Uijt qsfwfout zpvs npsf qpxfsgvm, fnpujpobmmz qspwpdbujwf xpset gspn cfdpnjoh psejobsz boe cpsjoh. Jg zpv epo’u ep uijt, zpvs bvejfodf nbz opu tff uijoht bt tfsjpvtmz bt zpv joufoe uifn up.

– Stephen J Dawson Jr.


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