A Responsible Defense of Determinism.

The idea that determined actions based upon causation negate the responsibility of those actions is so cunningly fallacious and as misunderstood as it gets. The correlation so intertwines with our society that it seems impossible to argue otherwise. Is it so difficult to understand that a determined action that produces negative consequences that the punishment is enough of causation to prevent a repetition of negative behaviours and produce responsibility? It’s actually rather dependant on this.

– Stephen J. Dawson Jr.


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  1. The key I believe, is owning, holding, cradling and if need be slashing to pieces all of our actions,be they ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

    We do.

    When we do , there are consequences.

    Own them or cease.
    Defend them or condemn them. But know what you’ve done is a miniscule part of a whole so vast, our minds couldn’t even begin to comprehend. I’m not sure if this makes sense but, this is what poured forth after reading your eloquently written and crafted words.
    Hmmmm, lots of thinky thinks swirling in my mind now…

  2. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. “Holding responsible” is one of the means we use to causally determine what happens next. It is consistent with both determinism and free will. And free will makes the distinction between a deliberate act and one caused by mental illness or injury, so that we know the best means of correction.

    1. I’m glad you commented on this. I want to get a bit of discussion going. I wrote this while trying to justify my more Existentialist beliefs with Determinism since they both made sense to me.

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