A King’s Jesters.

Upon creation, God forces free will upon us, so we are therefore free, right? Of course not. Then, this omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and benevolent being watched as we abuse this “gift” to invoke unimaginable suffering upon each other, his children, yet decides not to intervene because he has some mysterious plan (what’s free about that?). Next, a man exercises this right to cause such a suffering upon another that cannot be more heinous and his victim, a true believer, naturally, requires help. Luckily, God gave us the ability to make requests to him (and so many of his secretaries that he gave jobs to despite being able to handle the workload himself) in the form of prayer. How lovely! Now, our poor victim can ask for his benevolent and almighty intervention to help her escape her torment. However, God decides to prolong her suffering (in exchange for a nice prize afterwards) and promises justice for the act he did foresee and could have prevented (but not to disrespect the free will of the tormentor). Naturally, as he is also aware, our victim begins to doubt his competence, his love, and eventually, his existence. He knew her doubt would turn into disbelief (his biggest pet peeve). How profound must suffering be and how sincere the prayer? Furthermore, what does it say about this being who watches this and simply answers, “no”? If such a God proved to exist, he would be no God of mine.


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