Hear Autumn bird’s tune – A sonnet with Audio written and read by Stephen J. Dawson Jr.

Here is a sonnet I wrote in 2016. I recorded myself reciting it as well so you can grasp the tone and rhythm of the poem. Have a read and listen. (My mobile app isn’t proper for typing a sonnet in it’s correct form so listening is recommended.)

Sonnet by Stephen J Dawson Jr.

 Hear Autumn Bird’s tune as she whistles a hymn

 While the stars in the sky and Heavens collide

 Where the weary bathe and songbirds swim

 With mourning crows and battle cries

  “We’re beaten and battered” the songbirds had said

 Their whispers found God in the trees

  But their final notes sang songs to the dead

 And were carried away with the breeze

 As their souls left them, we found in their place

Such Holy and pure, such undying Grace

– Stephen J Dawson Jr.


Listen to Hear Autumn bird’s tune 2 by xanaxityirony #np on #SoundCloud


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