“The Sun Doesn’t Rise Till She Opens Her Eyes” poem with audio written and read by Stephen J.  Dawson Jr. 

The Sun Doesn’t Shine ‘Till She Opens Her Eyes by Stephen J. Dawson Jr.

The sun doesn’t shine ‘till she opens her eyes
So she sleeps facing east to light up the skies
As she patiently waits while “good mornings” are said,
The moon pulls her sheets west and makes up her bed

The anxiety cascades and drifts through the tide
The harrowed voice, stricken, is strengthened inside
Soft, white porcelain leaks o’er her pores
Her calm, silken touches, they sheathe warring swords

Civil armies are vanquished, buried deep in my head
Commanders and generals and soldiers are dead

The moon overpowers, she tilts her head west
Pillows ask for her hand and lead her to rest

-Stephen J. Dawson Jr.


Listen to The Sun Doesn’t Rise Till She Opens Her Eyes by xanaxityirony #np on #SoundCloud


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