“The Man Who Swallowed Himself” a poem with audio written and read by Stephen J. Dawson Jr.

The Man Who Swallowed Himself by Stephen J. Dawson Jr. 

These are an old man’s last dying words, 

Lined in absurdity of voices he’s heard, 

“To my unnotice, my heart beats so still

With a filling, if absent, still much harrowed will.”

But unknowing the touch of a woman in bed,

Or of nature, of God, or of feeling,

He’s the shape of a man who has swallowed himself, 

And, trapped in his head, an abandoning health

That he led through the life he was stealing.

– Stephen J. Dawson Jr. 

Listen to The Man Who Swallowed Himself by xanaxityirony #np on #SoundCloud


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