New featured poet! “Sweet/Sour” a poem by Leah Cappelli.

Hello! I’m very honoured to have my good friend Leah Cappelli join me here at my humble, little project! She’s a brilliant poet (a compliment which I do not hand out), a mental health advocate, and, most impressively, a wonderful friend with the uncanny ability to share my company for more than an hour without vilifying me like the rest of my friends do. Here’s her first of many poems to be featured here titled “Sweet/Sour.” Show her some love in the comments! Enjoy!

Sweet/Sour by Leah Cappelli

Reverent, perspiring,
the redolence inspires.
The fragrance of change
is sweet and sour.

We walk the streets to
battle exile, to battle despair,
in our finest hour.

Our hearts are tame,
but our pain is not silent.
We feverishly sift the sea
for salt to heal our wounds.
The deep roars of promise and integrity
highlight the sunrise.

Tone policing is no longer permitted.
No more shifting focus.

This is not about me.

Today is the first day of the rest of your strife.
Gaslighting won’t rebuild the nest.

My sanity has no impact
on the plight of humanity.
Your vanity stinks of sulphur,
sharp as broken glass.
The world is watching, waiting,
dancing to the tune of bombs exploding
and crumbling institutions.

Harm reduction at it’s finest.

We don’t wait out the storm,
we run in it.

-Leah Cappelli


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Leah Cappelli is a poet and psychonaut from Staten Island, New York. Leah works as a counselor for people with mental health and substance abuse issues and has experience on both ends of the therapy room. Leah has experienced the trials and tribulations of hypo-manic and depressive mood-swings, panic attacks, and dissociation. Her passion lies at the crux of all forms of social justice, mental health advocacy, and writing as a form of therapy. She has been previously published in Open Minds Quarterly, various blogs, and is in the final phases of launching her first chapbook, Radiate and Resonate, in the coming months.


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  1. Wow Leah has such an interesting background, looking forward to reading more! I deal with my mental health issues through humour(ish) based writing, so I really like seeing more heartfelt, emotive pieces as a different take on it. Good pieces like that are hard to find 😛

    1. She’s absolutely lovely. She’s the only person who can tolerate my incredible megalomania and mental health issues without any judgement or squeamishness. I’m very lucky to know her.

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