“To Valeriya” a poem with audio written and read by Stephen J. Dawson Jr.

To Valeriya by Stephen J. Dawson Jr.
When we were young, a friend and I
Would fall in love to pass the time
We’d lose ourselves in vintage wine
And slurred our words in verse and rhyme

Her bedroom stare pierced through the night
Like shattered glass in morning light
She pulled me close and held me tight
I held her too, with all my might

She bit my ear and asked of me,
“Would you stay? Keep me company?”
Just her and I, and our bottle three
In cursive rhyme, “I swear to thee.”

I mourn each night and passing year
In a room alone, littered with beer
You broke that vow as well, my dear
The one whispered in each other’s ear

I thought that I’d grow old and grey
Before I’d hit my knees and pray
But she found me now I must say
“Should I go or should I stay?”

-Stephen J. Dawson Jr. 

After years of searching for that Great White Whale, I’ve found her and my harpoon is steady.

Listen to To Valeriya by xanaxityirony #np on #SoundCloud


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