“Default” by Leah Cappelli


It is a common misconception that one can
Remain in a particular state eternally.

This is a non-truth, even in death.

We collect and become an amalgamation of what we collect,
But we do not keep it all.

We pick and choose what feels appropriate,
Especially when it isn’t.

Have you accomplished your personality
Deliberately or by default?

To answer this is Sisyphean.

Most would not be honest
Even if they held the intention.

They can pretend to function in society, rise to the top,

But once they finally get there, they often forget
They were once bracing for death as it loomed alongside,

And now they chase it, longing for its embrace.

For them, this daily warfare seemed like
Pragmatism by default.

They forgot they made what they thought were

Conscious decisions while sleepwalking.




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