Stephen J. Dawson Jr’s own letters from the earth. A prose homage to Mark Twain.

Letter I:

Man sits upon his throne. I sit in the bleachers endlessly amused.

Over my years of living amongst Homo Sapiens, I’ve learned that Man is as capricious as He is predictable. 
Everything he does, he does it madly. He loves madly and hates madly. Equally so. Indistinguishable. However predictable though, He has an insatiable curiosity but never willing to accept the truth.

Only one man has every spoken the truth. His name was Oscar Wilde and even he only spoke it within a fiction. “The truth is rarely pure and never simple… That, my dear, is the truth, pure and simple,” he said. No truths were ever spoken before and are only quoted after. They quote a character though. Not a Man. O, He is a curious creature indeed!

All Men are as dull and ordinary as they are amusing. And not just the ones with penises but the woman too. They’ve divided Man into two separate entities because their bodies differ and not to mention the races they created. Man hating Man hating Man.

Humanity is the greatest show on Earth! No wonder he fears leaving the show and invented an imaginary view for an audience in the clouds. It’s the same movie with the same plot over and over again but with new characters, rather actors, every few years but still, it never gets old. Like a book that you read, again and again, such is Man. You almost expect the ending to change but the plot doesn’t twist, hell, it never comes! At least not yet.

Man has a proclivity for ending lives just like their books and someday, they’ll put down their story by the hands of one another. Every last page. So predictable. Down to the period… Not an ellipse.
Love madly,

Stephen J. Dawson Jr. 

After reading Mark Twain’s Letters From The Earth, I figured I’d write one of my own. There is no better title than Letters From The Earth so this shall remain untitled. 


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