“BEAST” by Leah Cappelli

The impotent,

the victim,

the subservient.

Inadequately enraptured in an intimate,

metaphorical monogamous relationship

with their chosen lover,

their chosen demon,

their chosen poison.

Fierce feelings arise.

Love at first sight, love at first fight, love at first plight.

A vision of nonconformity

fostering the desire to

flee from humanity.

Devising a reprisal,

pulling at your heartstrings

meddling in your chemicals,

drowning your sorrows

as they deepen your sorrows,

inflicting infections in your

festering neglected passions.

A paramount paradox with terrifically tumultuous triage,

an intense rigor to transfigure and

transcend as a means to an end

triggers disfigurement

inside and out.

Accidental transference,

the Beast who laid quiet,

who trembled within you,

growling uncontrollably,

impulse control threatened,

ceremoniously dancing in the dark

and pouncing into the light,

with the sharpest claws,

and ten thousand teeth,

latches on to your psyche

incapable of mercy.

This is its nature.

It knows no other way.


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