FEEDBACK. We need it!

Hello all! I rarely candidly write a post on anything here. Especially a solicitation. However, in order to constantly grow as writers, we would like to ask for some feedback. On the poetry, prose, any random nonsense really. I believe Leah would also appreciate it ’cause I haven’t asked her but I know for sure that I am. You may be fearlessly honest, encouraging, or criticise our work from the structure to the subject (Though my explicit prose fiction may get more condemnation than positivity. So if you don’t like controversy then avoid them) anything really. Hell, you can insult me and my character at this point just do it with a bit of tact. You won’t get a fight as often as an Evelyn Hall quote, but I’ll take it.

Thank you, everyone!


Also, anything politically charged or any sensitive subject, note that Leah and I do not censor each other or edit any disagreeable words. We both have equal, sovereign control over the final product. We do critique each other and listen to suggestions but after everything, we stand by our own work. Please do not affiliate her with any offensive things I might write. She is a beautiful person who would never do harm. And she knows she also doesn’t represent me.

To say anything in private, us the contact page to email me directly. I will never mention anything we discuss.

Also, if you’d like reciprocity, just ask and tell me what you’d like my opinion on. I’ll never insult. I’ll be fair and constructive with all my earnestness.


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