“INSURGENT” by Leah Cappelli


As we organize, agitate, and resist,
Acting with breathless, unrestrained passion,
We clip the strings below the puppet master,
And watch the wooden figurine collapse at our feet.

We will not go gently into that good night, 
Though, the night has been less than good to us.

A learned man once professed,

“There are few things humans are
More dedicated to than unhappiness.”
Call me inhuman, I refuse to embrace
A state of despair in a state that could stand

To relate and repair.

If a heart is bleeding, cauterize it.

United we Stand?
Divided we Demand and Revolt.
Divided we will thrive and strive for a

Syncretic future, where those who display a
Selfish array, who avoid the inevitable collapse of
The Living Environment, who care more about
Individual material accomplishment
Disintegrate from all the hate in their


Healing will take a lifetime,

But what does time matter?

We have no choice, the blood will spatter.

This transcends time and pulverizes space on
Every physical and spiritual plane.
We cannot refrain from taking the next steps,
No matter how dilapidated the staircase.
Up, up and away, the day is today.
Put on your fucking dancing shoes,
For the night will be long, dark, and
Full of every terror imaginable.

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