Stream of Conciousness During a Psychotic Episode. Unedited, Unabbriged, Unmedicated.

The word You is an onimoti…pia..? thing. You know. I can’t spell. The ultimate vowel.

Y is never sometimes a vowel. We use it as one because we don’t have a letter for certain words. It sounds indistinguishable from a vowel and I can’t understand it being a consonant but it is.

Abecedarian is a kind of pneumatic device for it’s definition. Say it. Abecedarian ABCdarian. When Darian hears this word, he has a traumatic flash back to his childhood when he was embarrassed unable to remember the ABCs.

Silent Ps? What the fuck? Can they be abbreviated with an apostrophe? (See how my train of thought is going?)

If I add an aside in a 3rd person narration but if I add an aside inside the aside it’s like 16 walls. I don’t know I can’t use numbers. (Unintended internal rhyme (intended pun)) How many fucking walls? Am I actually addressing you? Am I breaking the fourth wall already?!

Numbers are like letters and math is their language.

I feel like I almost personified math back there.

By the way, happy birthday! (statistics!) Fuck. More math involved.

If you leave a tip on a cheque (why does New Yorker spell like this… coming soon) pi (written using the symbol… number… letter. Whatever) your waiter will still be broke but he’d never run out of loose change.

There’s no word that rhymes with orange except for orange which is a separate word, well homophone. Semantics, you dick. But orange may be in trouble once the silent G civil rights movement comes around break your silence! You are NOT foreigners…. See? Think about it.

If it wasn’t from some nimrod and that Tower of Babel bullshit, I might understand whatever the fuck I’m saying.

(You thought I’d leave a cliffhanger? You were wrong… actually no. Honestly, I have no idea.) I didn’t really learn how to spell. I’m awful at it. Without spell check (caprice?) I’d read as well as a hand written Christopher Reeves’ reproduction of Finnegan’s Wake. Bad taste? Too soon? Well, I mean if I made that joke while he was alive, then the book could exist. Since I waited till now that book can’t exist. Does that mean I couldn’t have made that joke? No. Again, confused by probability.

Back to numbers? Okay. They’re still like letters but they each have an equal arch enemy and their war is the longest one ever possible and also impossible. Oddest paradox I’ve ever encountered and I wrote it!

I should nap.

Also, that quote attributed to Hemingway applied to a schizophrenic who loves words and puzzles equals the last few moments of your life that I stole and you will never get it back. Unless that bloody awful war produces something interesting. (not more British colloquialism, another personification on numbers. Also unintentional reference. Odd (word, not number… 16 walls)) Not odd (not even) but statistics!

Also, my autocorrect replaced colloquial with colonial. I might have insulted Great Britain and the U.S. simultaneously. (It took me about a dozen tries to spell that last word.)

Some one kill me.

– Stephen J. Dawson Jr.
I just wrote all of this as it came into my head. I don’t know what it all means or if any of it is true at all but it was fun for me to read once Big Brother left and I got rid of the tin foil hat… Kidding. I don’t go that far. This helped to calm me down and level me out a bit.

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