“Expansion” by Leah Cappelli

The wind does not make a sound
Unless it blows against

The wind is vulnerable, though
It is quiet without an audience.
It howls for attention.

Psychic burdens do not make a sound
Unless you channel the energy
Through your throat and
Beyond your ever
Tingling limbs.

Amniotic tranquility is necessary in
Times of expansion.

Responsive versus reactionary.
Your anxiety tells you exactly who you are.

Every step you take,
You are mapping your life.

Brand new horizons
Unveil themselves in
Every trip and fall.

The violent rain will be terrifying,
But will reward you with

Self-observation. Self-knowledge.
Reconstructing shapeless forms
Into sharp lines and angles.

Acute reminders of your proclivities
Show themselves as hives
Hidden in your tattoos.

Change sings songs of growth in
Every time signature.

The melodies collaborate
With the rising moon.

The harmonies caress
Your quivering spine,
And beg you to do
What you were
Meant to.

Reach for the stars, for they are
Awaiting your grasp.



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