“Trajectory” by Leah Cappelli

Everyone is part demon, part sage,
Part lost cause, part success story

Hypocritical anarchists
Analyzing their current situations,
Going through the motions and ignoring them

Dwelling on past debauchery should be merely a form
Reminiscing, not a forlorn session of regret

Meditating on the weary acceptance of
Outgrowing people you thought you would
Want to know forever, and outlooks you thought
You would never overlook or overturn

A natural disaster that is
No disaster at all

That evolutionary trajectory,
Steering you toward apathy and
Antipathy is a pity

The simplicity and simultaneous
Complexity of natural transmutation
Gives you the opportunity to
Choose the route of your next life

Being reluctant to accept
Explanations that seem
Too simple for such
Complicated processes is

It is the purest pleasure
Disguised as the most
Unbearable pain

As flammable oppression,
Fermented passion
Lightly disguised as
Suffocated ecstasy

Steering clear of denial and regression
And shattering the shackles that
Hold you back

A metaphor for birth and death
A trajectory, altering the
Course of forever



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