“In Tselinoyarsk Lies Fatal Shore” Poem by Stephen J. Dawson Jr.

In Tselinoyarsk Lies Fatal Shore by Stephen J. Dawson Jr.

The falcon’r of Tselinoyarsk patiently waits and stalks his prey
From higher ground he spots a snake
And thought a filling meal he’d make
But, corner’d, arm’d with venomous fang,
He rattled to warn the great bird who sang
His paean to the falcon’r,
Unknowing the serpent’s pis aller

The triumphant anthem of Sokrovenno echo’d through the Sacred Wood
A mere messenger to a man
Apex Predator of the land
He skulked around the Virgin Cliffs
And took up aim, he oft’ ne’er miss
The shot was heard, echo’d through trees But the tempter tempt’d not only the good

The valiant snake slither’d to Rokojov Bereg to battle on the Fatal Shore
The lake of lilies, death looming
Blood stain’d and snow white, yet blooming
Each petal pluck’d with venom spread
The tempter, ensanguined, gently wept
As he now stood o’er the prey he adored

In Tselinoyarsk lies Fatal Shore
And awaits a sin that the serpent abhours
But must be met lest he shall roam,
Forget His Country, His God, His Home.

-Stephen J. Dawson Jr.


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