“COYOTE” by Leah Cappelli

Our treasured landscape has been paved

With the most glorious of colors,

Shades we could never comprehend

Until present day


But technology has cut into spirituality,

Carefully crafting these compositions,

The soundtrack to this earthquake of ennui

Plaguing the lonely and

Leaving many to wear

Masks of sanity


Days filled with

Empty circular reasoning

Signifying nothing substantial,

Pulling loose threads instead of

Properly mending the material,

Discarding empty milk cartons

Instead of making attempts to

Find the missing child on the side


Those with rational abilities

Sometimes lose their luster in

The face of adversity,

Using sharp tongues

To dig deeper holes of



Through failed coping tactics,

They lose traction,

They let the looney toons win


The coyote is not supposed to

Catch the roadrunner, so why

Does it keep happening?




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