ASCENSION /// by LM Cappelli

Crawling inside the mind and building a nest
Only to set it on fire moments later

Remembering parts of yourself you once recognized

As you integrate, disarrange, coalesce, disconnect
Reorganizing and compartmentalizing new
Avenues of viewing
Excavating and penetrating layers
Within the gut, the liver, the bones
The bloodstream, entering the heart
With open eyes, opening doors
And discarding the useless
Remnants, closing doors
But not locking them,
For there is no
Nothing is stolen
But nothing is left behind
Growing flowers where
There was once
Strictly battery acid
Defying all logic
Not wondering what took so long
But grateful that ascension
Chose to commence
In the first place
Not forgetting what you once were
Simply discarding what you
Knew was never you
In the first

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