What is a dream other than a metaphorical premonition? by LMC

I was driving.

My partner was in the passenger seat.

He kept shapeshifting into different people.

Ex-boyfriends, friends I’d severed ties with.

Family members I don’t see eye to eye with.

Then suddenly back to himself.


There was loud, peculiar music playing.

There was no music playing in my car.

Nor were we speaking.


The landscape we drove through kept shifting

From the woods, to the city, to the desert,

To snowy mountain ranges.


We approached a bridge.


Coming upon the bridge,

It appeared to be an ordinary

Suspension bridge.


Just a straight line connecting one place to another.


Once we drove onto the bridge,

It transfigured into a roller coaster.

Since we were in a car, we couldn’t attach to the track.

We weren’t securely locked in safely for the ride.


We approached a loop and I bellowed,

“What the fuck? How are we going to get passed this?”


We flew off the bridge.

The car disappeared.

My partner disappeared.


I found myself attached to a ferris wheel, or

Some other kind of wheel-shaped carnival ride that

Was going round and round and round and round and

At the bottom, it went underwater, and

Would keep going around unless

Someone flipped off the switch.


I was stuck on the wheel outside of

The contained area that would have protected me

When the wheel went under the water.


I closed my eyes and held my breath as

I went under water, stuck to the wheel.


I was afraid, but I knew I wasn’t going to die.


I went around and under the water nine times

Before someone saw me, a stranger,

Someone I definitely did not recognize,

And turned off the ride.


The stranger helped me up.

We did not exchange words,

Only half-smiles.


I wasn’t wet from going underwater.

I lost my glasses, but I could see.

I could see so clearly.








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