“Show Me Your Teeth” Prose fiction by Stephen J. Dawson Jr. [Explicit!! See warning before reading.]

I stand by my work completely. I do not apologise. I do not censor myself. However, I am not my writing. Some of my work is a autobiographical and some of it is pure fiction. This is fiction. I'll also give a warning when fitting. This prose fiction story is explicit and possibly harmful to trauma and abuse victims. I do not recommend that you read forward if you are sensitive to explicit content. I get a ton of negative feedback and comments about how some of my work is disgusting and offensive. I know it is. I'll respond to those comments with a form letter like this to avoid carpal tunnel if I respond at all. I'm aware that my lack of a pseudonym and identifiable content can be harmful to my reputation. Also, this is wholly MY work. Leah is not responsible for any content that I write. 

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