“BEAST” by Leah Cappelli

The impotent, the victim, the subservient. Inadequately enraptured in an intimate, metaphorical monogamous relationship with their chosen lover, their chosen demon, their chosen poison. Fierce feelings arise. Love at first sight, love at first fight, love at first plight. A vision of nonconformity fostering the desire to flee from humanity. Devising a reprisal, pulling at... Continue Reading →

“Default” by Leah Cappelli

It is a common misconception that one can Remain in a particular state eternally. This is a non-truth, even in death. We collect and become an amalgamation of what we collect, But we do not keep it all. We pick and choose what feels appropriate, Especially when it isn't. Have you accomplished your personality Deliberately or by default? To answer this is... Continue Reading →

Patience please!

Welcome! Soon, this domain will host all of my obnoxious ramblings and bizarre thoughts. Although I've been writing for my entire life, this is my very first contribution to a public forum like this. It may take a while for me to become comfortable blogging but, once I am, I shan't disappoint you. Just bear... Continue Reading →

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