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cropped-fb_img_15211844912321193444852.jpgLeah M. Cappelli

Stephen J. Dawson Jr. (xanaxityirony)

Stephen is a 26 year-old writer of many styles, with a strong focus on poetry and prose, from NYC. He struggles with paranoid schizophrenia and is a former heroin addict. He founded this blog to help to fulfill his dream of turning his craft into a living. He is an open misanthrope, antitheist, and can be insufferable towards others as his grandiose delusions and persecutory hallucinations often interupt his daily life. He lives almost reclusively writing for sometimes days without sleep. Published a few times in some small, lesser known collections, he lives and enjoys a very modest lifestyle. A pack of Marlboro Reds and bottle of Scotch are enough to satisfy. Some of his writing is incredibly explict, downright offensive, and possibly traumatic for readers. Though he wishes you read some things only if you can handle it, he will not censor himself nor apologise. He’s currently working on his first fiction manuscript and chapbook.

Leah M. Cappelli (preludefortimefeelers)

Leah Cappelli is a poet and psychonaut from Staten Island, New York. Leah works as a counselor for people with mental health and substance abuse issues and has experience on both ends of the therapy room. Leah has experienced the trials and tribulations of hypo-manic and depressive mood-swings, panic attacks, and dissociation. Her passion lies at the crux of all forms of social justice, mental health advocacy, and writing as a form of therapy. She has been previously published in Open Minds Quarterly, various blogs, and is in the final phases of launching her first chapbook, Radiate and Resonate, in the coming months.





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