“Intertwined” by Leah Cappelli

I stumbled upon this poem I wrote about six years ago when I was experiencing such overwhelming panic and simultaneous bouts of depression that I contemplated ending my life. I am not ashamed to wear my psychic pain in plain sight. I’m glad I’m here today to share this, while healthy and very much alive.

“Show Me Your Teeth” Prose fiction by Stephen J. Dawson Jr. [Explicit!! See warning before reading.]

I stand by my work completely. I do not apologise. I do not censor myself. However, I am not my writing. Some of my work is a autobiographical and some of it is pure fiction. This is fiction. I'll also give a warning when fitting. This prose fiction story is explicit and possibly harmful to trauma and abuse victims. I do not recommend that you read forward if you are sensitive to explicit content. I get a ton of negative feedback and comments about how some of my work is disgusting and offensive. I know it is. I'll respond to those comments with a form letter like this to avoid carpal tunnel if I respond at all. I'm aware that my lack of a pseudonym and identifiable content can be harmful to my reputation. Also, this is wholly MY work. Leah is not responsible for any content that I write. 

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