“ISOLATION” by Leah Cappelli

Indignantly, Feeling certain dignity. Breath and tone, Blood and bone. Complete oblivion, At times I beg for you But often I shun you Effortlessly. Window-shattering sounds Cluttering the mind and Confusing the Body. Ever so sweet, But Cowering, From the Synchronous sourness. Once a hungry ghost, Now just a mood-swing Within winter, Hiding. From everyone I... Continue Reading →

New featured poet! “Sweet/Sour” a poem by Leah Cappelli.

Leah Cappelli is a poet and psychonaut from Staten Island, New York. Leah works as a counselor for people with mental health and substance abuse issues and has experience on both ends of the therapy room. Leah has experienced the trials and tribulations of hypo-manic and depressive mood-swings, panic attacks, and dissociation. Her passion lies at the crux of all forms of social justice, mental health advocacy, and writing as a form of therapy. She has been previously published in Open Minds Quarterly, various blogs, and is in the final phases of launching her first chapbook, Radiate and Resonate, in the coming months.

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